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Grinding Balls for Grinding Bowls for PULVERISETTE 5 / PULVERISETTE 6 classic line

Grinding Balls for Grinding Bowls for PULVERISETTE 5 / PULVERISETTE 6 classic line  Fritsch
TypeHöheMaterialPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
grinding balls10.00hardened steel1542979612.10Order
grinding balls20.00hardened steel1542979715.10Order
grinding balls30.00hardened steel15429798112.00Order
grinding balls40.00hardened steel15429799126.00Order
grinding balls10.00sintered aluminium oxide15738552119.00Order
grinding balls20.00sintered aluminium oxide15738562137.00Order
grinding balls30.00sintered aluminium oxide15738572160.00Order
grinding balls40.00sintered aluminium oxide15738582197.00Order
grinding balls10.00zirconium oxide15738558135.00Order
grinding balls20.00zirconium oxide15738568192.00Order
grinding balls30.00zirconium oxide157385781165.00Order
grinding balls40.00zirconium oxide157385881339.00Order
grinding balls10.00hardmetal tungsten carbide15738554134.00Order
grinding balls20.00hardmetal tungsten carbide157385641133.00Order
grinding balls30.00hardmetal tungsten carbide157385741361.00Order
grinding balls40.00hardmetal tungsten carbide157385841on demand 
grinding balls10.00agate1573855119.40Order
grinding balls20.00agate15738561132.00Order
grinding balls30.00agate15738571175.00Order
grinding balls10.00silicon nitride157385591on demand 
grinding balls20.00silicon nitride157385691on demand 
grinding balls30.00silicon nitride157385791on demand 
grinding balls40.00silicon nitride157385891on demand 
Grinding balls are also available in agate, sintered corundum and silicon nitride and in 0.1 to 3 mm (to achieve a fineness down into the nm range), as well as 5 and 15 mm (please see grinding balls for planetary mill PULVERISETTE 5 premium line).
Please ask about the recommended number of balls per grinding bowl.

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