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Whirl-Pak® Bags

Whirl-Pak® bags are made from a blended virgin, low density PE. By whirling or tightly folding the tab over three times, the bag becomes a leakproof container.
Following types are available:
  • Standard, without marking area.
  • Write-on bags, with marking area.
  • Stand-up bags with marking area.
  • Thio-stand up bags, contains a sodium-thiosulfate tablet, which neutralise water with chloride content.
Whirl-Pak® Bags  Kleinfeld
DescriptionCapacity mlSize mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Standard5875 x 1255005430046165.00Order
Standard11875 x 18550054300471on demand 
Standard20795 x 1805005430048185.00Order
Standard384130 x 19050055700011on demand 
Standard532115 x 23050055700021on demand 
Standard710150 x 23050055700041on demand 
Standard798125 x 30550054300491128.00Order
Standard1065125 x 38050054300501149.00Order
Standard1242150 x 38050054300511175.00Order
Standard1627190 x 30050054300521200.00Order
Standard2041190 x 38050054300531200.00Order
With marking area2965 x 1255005430054168.00Order
With marking area5875 x 12550054300551on demand 
With marking area11875 x 1855005430056171.00Order
With marking area20795 x 1805005430057189.00Order
With marking area384130 x 19050054300581117.00Order
With marking area532115 x 23050055700031101.00Order
With marking area710150 x 23050055700051167.00Order
With marking area798125 x 30550054300591153.00Order
With marking area1627190 x 30050054290711on demand 
With marking area2041190 x 38050054300611240.00Order
With marking area2721254 x 38025054300621196.00Order
With marking area3637254 x 50825054300631235.00Order
With marking area5441380 x 50810054300641149.00Order
Stand-up11875 x 1855005570006193.00Order
Stand-up532115 x 23050055700071140.00Order
Stand-up710150 x 23050055700081174.00Order
Stand-up798125 x 3052505430065199.00Order
Stand-up1065125 x 38025054300661145.00Order
Stand-up1242150 x 38025054300671164.00Order
Stand-up2041190 x 38025054300681187.00Order
Stand-up, thio-bags10075 x 1851005570009141.00Order
Stand-up, thio-bags300115 x 2301005570010177.00Order
Stand-up, thio-bags500150 x 23010054465911129.85Order
Stand-up, thio-bags100075 x 18510054465921131.04Order
Stand-up, thio-bags200075 x 18510054465931176.80Order
Thio-bags10075 x 1851005430069139.00Order
Thio-bags, acc. to NECLAC standard10075 x 18510054300701on demand 
Thio-bags300115 x 2301005430071174.00Order
Speci-sponge, with sponge532115 x 23010054300721126.00Order
Speci-sponge, with sponge1627190 x 30010054300731178.00Order
Speci-sponge, with sponge at a stick710150 x 2305054300741134.00Order
Light sensitive, black bag with opaque filter11875 x 1855005430075198.00Order
Light sensitive, black bag with opaque filter532115 x 23050054300761148.00Order

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