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Semi-Automatic Digital Polarimeter POLAX-2L

Polarimeters are widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in sugar processing and in other branches of the food-processing industry, in the production of detergents and essences. There is a large number of different chemicals and optically active substances whose angles of rotation can be determined by means of polarimeters, e. g. ascorbic acid, testosterone and cocaine.
  • Highly accurate measuring results - quick and easy.
  • No awkward and tricky reading of vernier scales.
  • Built-in LED with interference filter (589 nm).
  • Very long useful life.
  • Angle-of-rotation measuring scale plus international sugar scale.
  • Inclusive 100 and 200 mm observation tubes.
Technical Data:
Angle of rotation:+ 180 to - 179.95°
International sugar scale:+ 130 to - 130° Z
Accuracy:± 0.01°
Scale graduation:0.05° and 0.1° Z
Light source:LED with interference filter (589 nm)
Dimensions (W x D x H):430 x 300 x 220 mm
Weight:11.5 kg
Semi-Automatic Digital Polarimeter POLAX-2L  ATAGO®
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