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Handheld Refractometers for Salinity Measurements

Salt concentration refractometers with a special scale. It can be used for controlling the saltwater concentration when preparing pickles, measuring the concentration of saltwater used in rinsing sea products or in cooking.
Technical Data:
Dimensions:33 x 33 x 204
Weight:100 g
Type Alpha:with ATC* and splash guard
Type M:without ATC* and splash guard
Handheld Refractometers for Salinity Measurements  ATAGO®
Specific forMax. measuring range [%NaCI]TypeDivisionTypePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
salts10.00Master S-10 Alpha0.10Master S-10 Alpha154246601230.53Order
salts10.00Master S-10M0.10Master S-10M158014501166.32Order
salts28.00Master S-28 Alpha0.20Master S-28 Alpha158014531230.53Order
salts28.00Master S-28M0.20Master S-28M154246591166.32Order
* Automatic temperature compensation.

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