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Midisart 2000, Air Filtration Units

Sterile. For sterile aeration and deaeration of fermenters, culture vessels etc. As water protection between filtering flask and vacuum pump. PTFE membrane and PP housing provide excellent chemical resistance.
Connectors:conical hose nipples on both sides (for tubing with 6 to 12 mm inner Ø)
Höhe:62.00 mm
Membrane:no indication
Version:no indication
Midisart 2000, Air Filtration Units  Sartorius
MaterialPorengrößePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
no indication0.201250491511123.00Order
no indication0.202550491521245.00Order
no indication0.451250491561123.00Order
no indication0.452550491571245.00Order

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