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Syringe Filters Minisart RC

Ready-to-use units with a hydrophilic, solvent-resistant membrane made of regenerated cellulose, making sample preparation quick and easy. Suitable for aqueous / organic solutions.
  • Housing made of PP.
  • With Luer-Lock inlet.
  • Non-sterile.
Syringe Filters Minisart RC  Sartorius
TypePore size μmØ mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Minisart RC 40.204505604649170.90Order
Minisart RC 40.20450056046501643.00Order
Minisart RC 40.454505604651170.90Order
Minisart RC 40.45450056046521643.00Order
Minisart RC 150.20155056046441106.00Order
Minisart RC 150.201550056046451756.50Order
Minisart RC 150.20155070759541116.00Order
Minisart RC 150.45155050490611106.00Order
Minisart RC 150.451550050490621756.50Order
Minisart RC 250.20255056046461116.00Order
Minisart RC 250.202550056046471818.00Order
Minisart RC 250.452550050490981818.00Order
Minisart RC 250.45255056046481116.00Order

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