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Syringe Filters Minisart SRP

With chemical-resistant, hydrophobic PTFE membrane for high purification of solvents or aggressive liquids in HPLC or GC analysis. Low adsorption.
With female Luer-Lock inlet, male Luer slip outlet.
  • Housing made of PP.
  • Non-sterile.
Syringe Filters Minisart SRP  Sartorius
TypePore size μmØ mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Minisart SRP 40.454505049146170.20Order
Minisart SRP 40.45450050491471643.00Order
Minisart SRP 15, spike output0.20155056046421132.00Order
Minisart SRP 15, spike output0.201550056046431793.50Order
Minisart SRP15, spike output0.45155054215111132.00Order
Minisart SRP 15, Luer external cone0.45155056040241127.00Order
Minisart SRP 15, Luer external cone0.451550050490731789.00Order
Minisart SRP 250.45255050491161145.00Order
Minisart SRP 250.452550050491171902.00Order

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