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Syringe Filters Minisart

For sterile, particle-free, ultrapure filtration of small volumes of liquid up to approx. 100 ml. Colour coded pore sizes for ease of identification. Ready-to-use immediately.
  • With hydrophilic cellulose acetate membrane for minimum adsorption.
  • With female Luer-Lock inlet, male Luer slip outlet.
Sterile filtration:0.20 µm pore size
High purification:0.45 µm pore size
Ultrafiltration:1.20 µm pore size
Pre-filtration:5.00 µm pore size
Höhe:28.00 mm
Membrane:no indication
Syringe Filters Minisart  Sartorius
TypeMaterialPorengrößeColourSterileDescriptionVersionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
16534GUKno indication blueyesgamma-sterile, individually packedno indication154292051on demand 
16534Kno indication blueyesindividually packaged sterileno indication150491011on demand 
16534Qno indication bluenounsterileno indication150491071on demand 
16555Kno indication yellowyesindividually packaged sterileno indication150491021on demand 
16592Kcellulose acetate0.80greenyesindividually packaged sterile[_40/6_]5050491031152.00Order
16592Qcellulose acetate0.80greennounsterile[_40/6_]50050491091921.00Order
17593Kcellulose acetate1.20redyesindividually packaged sterile[_40/6_]5050491041152.00Order
17593Qcellulose acetate1.20rednounsterile[_40/6_]50050491221921.00Order
17594Kno indication amberyesindividually packaged sterileno indication150491051on demand 
17594Qcellulose acetate5.00ambernounsterile[_40/6_]50050491231981.00Order
17597Kno indication blueyesindividually packaged sterileno indication154215091on demand 
17598Kno indication yellowyesindividually packaged sterileno indication154215101on demand 

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