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Ground Joint Clips

Delrin (POM). For conical (NS) and spherical (S) ground joints. Fusion point at 150 °C. Excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength.
Gewinde:no indication
Core~[NS]:no indication
Hülse~[NS]:no indication
Ground Joint Clips  Kleinfeld
TypeColourForPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
ClampsgreenNS 101501177313.30Order
ClampsvioletNS 121501177413.43Order
ClampsyellowNS 141501177513.57Order
ClampsblueNS 191501177613.64Order
ClampsgreenNS 241501177713.79Order
ClampsredNS 291501177813.88Order
ClampsorangeNS 341501177914.11Order
ClampsyellowNS 401501178014.62Order
ClampsamberNS 451501178114.88Order
ClampsvioletS 131501179314.79Order
Clampslight blueS 191501179415.00Order
Clampsdark redS 291501179515.28Order
ClampsorangeS 351501179615.53Order
Clampsdark blueS 19Q1501179715.00Order

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