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LAB Rings, Open
Bel-Art Products

Rings fit neatly around the neck of filtering flasks with side-arm tubing connections. No need to disconnect the tubing and compromise the process. The open ring, made of lead and covered with vinyl coating to protect glassware, is flexible enough to be pulled apart to accommodate a wider vessel.
LAB Rings, Open  Bel-Art Products
Size of flasks mlØ inside mmWeight gPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
50 to 2505065015149905142.75Order
125 to 5004322715424050140.44Order
200 to 5007090015149907147.60Order
250 to 10005145015424051145.85Order
500 to 20005668015424052152.66Order
750 to 1000100120015149910154.40Order
1000 to 40007190015424053155.92Order

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