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Protection Collars for Filtering Flasks

Specially designed shape provides central and stable standing position for attached funnels, filters and filter funnels. Tight seal between glass flange and attached vessel. Vacuum application results in tight and continuous seal. All-round protection for the glass flange for considerable reduction in impact damage to glass flange and increased working life.
  • Material: EPM.
Protection Collars for Filtering Flasks
TypeSize Ø x height mmFilteringflask mlPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
SFS123 x 111001505239118.40Order
SFS233 x 15250 / 5001505239219.23Order
SFS344 x 25100015052393110.48Order
SFS458 x 252000 / 300015052394111.33Order
SFS568 x 255000 / 1000015052395112.16Order

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