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Centrifuge Bottles with Sealing Cap, PP-Copolymer

PP-copolymer bottles with sealing cap for superspeed centrifugation up to 15810 x g. PPCO offers excellent chemical resistance. Graduated, wide-mouth bottle simplifies decanting, re-suspension and pellet removal. Operating temperature range from 4 to 22 °C, storage to - 70 °C. Meets US-Standard USP VI, is non-cytotoxic. Bottles must be filled to at least 80 % of the total capacity. 1000 ml bottle has a multi-part lid and is rated for speeds up to 15800 x g.
Centrifuge Bottles with Sealing Cap, PP-Copolymer  Nalgene®
Capacity mlSize Ø x height mmRCF max.PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
25060.7 x 133.42750015315763121.64Order
45069.5 x 160.01370015315764128.46Order
100097.5 x 197.315810154297631136.50Order
Note: before autoclaving, just set closure on top of the bottle without engaging the threads.

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