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Filling / Venting Closures

PP, white. Mit TPE gasket. All-plastic closures for aseptic liquid transfer of media, biological reagents, pure water and chemicals to and from carboys. Used in applications requiring bi-reactors and fermenters. Can be used with any large Nalgene® carboys that accept 53 or 83 mm closures. Incl. 2 pieces platinum-cured silicone tubing for aspiration, dispensing and filling splash guards. Can be used with Nalgene® carboys with a properly set up peristaltic pump.
Filling / Venting Closures  Nalgene®
BeschreibungDurchmesserGesamthöheVerschlussDiameter tubingPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
66.7 x 68.666.7068.6053B6.3515103280123.84Order
98 x 10298.00102.0083B12.7015103281131.84Order
98 x 10298.00102.0083B6.3515103282128.17Order
Supplied without bottle.

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