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Safety Cans

For handling, storage and transports of flammable liquids (solvents).
  • Comply with the technical regulations for flammable liquids (TRbF and BetrSichV).
  • Made of chemically resistant materials: st. steel (316 and 304) and gaskets from PTFE (Tefon®).
  • Explosion-proof due to flame traps and pressure control valves.
  • Made in Germany.
For in-plant use.
  • St. steel, with wall thickness 0.6 mm.
  • Powder-coated aluminium handles.
  • Safety cans with dispenser are TÜV / GS tested. Dispensers are self-closing.
  • Moisteners (can incl. pump): for safe and economical moistening of cleaning clothes.
Safety container typecan
Safety Cans  Rötzmeier
VolumenHöheHöheDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
0.50198.0099.00with fine dispensing system154460281207.00Order
1.00235.00110.00with fine dispensing system150429001199.00Order
2.00295.00130.00with fine dispensing system150429011217.00Order
5.00405.00165.00with fine dispensing system150429021243.00Order
0.50178.0099.00with screw cap154460291on demand 
1.00235.00110.00with screw cap150429051163.00Order
2.00295.00130.00with screw cap150429061179.00Order
5.00405.00165.00with screw cap150429071209.00Order
* Ø can / soaking tray.

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