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Rectangular Bottles

PEHD. With PP screw cap. Rectangular style takes up less shelf space than round flasks. Sturdy wall construction, straight sides and wide mouth for easy filling. Excellent for sampling, shipping or storing liquids or dry materials. Leakproof.
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Rectangular Bottles  Nalgene®
VolumenThread of screw capLength [mm]BreiteHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
125.00GL 28102.0064.0038.001510309111.75Order
250.00GL 38114.0076.0048.001510309212.56Order
500.00GL 48140.0094.0058.001510309314.00Order
1000.00GL 53180.00125.0071.001510309418.96Order
2000.00GL 63239.00152.0081.0015103095115.00Order

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