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Narrow Mouth Bottles, PELD

PELD. With PP screw cap. These translucent bottles offer greater flexibility, impact resistance and visibility of contents than PEHD bottles. Because PELD is also extremely low in trace metal content, it's an ideal material for trace metal analysis. Leakproof.
Ausführung Hals:narrow neck
Narrow Mouth Bottles, PELD  Nalgene®
VolumenThread of screw capPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
8.00GL 201510311110.71Order
15.00GL 201510311210.76Order
30.00GL 201510311310.83Order
60.00GL 201510311411.00Order
125.00GL 241510311511.18Order
250.00GL 241510311611.68Order
500.00GL 281510312812.50Order
500.0038-430151031291on demand 

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