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Wide Mouth Drums

Material: PEHD.
UN-approval packaging groups I, II and III. Suitable for use with foodstuffs. Can be sealed. Max. filling temperature + 80 °C. Product must have cooled down to + 30 °C before the barrel is closed and stacked. All barrels can be sealed airtightly, watertightly and water-vapour tightly. White colour with red lid.
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Wide Mouth Drums
VolumenHöheHöheOpening [mm]Hals-ØPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
3.60316.00424.00204.00 150500201on demand 
6.40410.00518.00282.00 150500211on demand 
10.40274.00328.00204.00 150500191on demand 
15.40410.00416.00282.00 150500221on demand 
20.00198.00266.00136.00 150500181on demand 
26.40410.00632.00282.00 150500231on demand 
42.00398.00620.00282.00325.00163435811on demand 
55.00313.00518.00282.00251.00151919561on demand 
68.50493.00800.00282.00395.00163668831on demand 

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