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Narrow Mouth Bottles, FEP

Teflon® FEP. With screw cap made of ETFE. Withstands temperatures from - 105 to + 150 °C.
The most chemical- and corrosion-resistant containers available.
Autoclavable, leakproof.
Ausführung Hals:narrow neck
Narrow Mouth Bottles, FEP  Nalgene®
VolumenThread of screw capPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
30.00GL 2015103011133.75Order
50.00GL 2015103012141.63Order
125.00GL 2415103013161.00Order
250.00GL 2415103014197.25Order
500.00GL 28151030151121.00Order
1000.00GL 38151030161175.00Order
Note: before autoclaving, just set cap or closure on top of the bottles without engaging the threads.

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