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Cell Culture Dishes

  • Ultra Low Attachment* dishes feature a covalently bound hydrogel layer that minimises cell attachment, protein absorption and cellular activation.
  • 245 mm square dishes offer 500 cm2 growth surface.
  • Made of optically-clear virgin PS.
  • Sterilised by gamma radiation.
  • Certified nonpyrogenic.
  • With stacking beads to aid in handling.
  • Supplied with vents to provide consistent gas exchange.
TC surface:no
Cell Culture Dishes  Corning®
Cell Culture Dishes  Corning®
Cell Culture Dishes  Corning®
Cell Culture Dishes  Corning®
HöheWachstumsfläche [cµ²]DescriptionPUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
35.008.00of 20 pcs.500CORN4301651 286.76Order
60.0021.00of 20 pcs.500CORN4301961 348.76Order
60.0021.00of 20 pcs.500CORN4301661 313.48Order
60.0021.00of 5 pcs.20CORN32611 609.17Order
100.0055.00of 5 pcs.1CORN32621 on demand 
100.0055.00of 5 pcs.40CORN46151 1,423.02Order
100.0055.00of 10 pcs.480CORN4302931 458.20Order
100.0055.00of 20 pcs.500CORN4301671 469.41Order
150.00148.00of 5 pcs.60CORN4305991 232.08Order
245.00500.00of 4 pcs.16CORN4311101 241.26Order
* Only Order No. CORN3261 and CORN3262.

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