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Corning® and Costar® Cell Culture Flasks

  • Made of optically clear virgin PS.
  • Treated for optimal cell attachment.
  • Printed with lot numbers for ease in traceability.
  • 100 % integrity tested.
  • Sterilised by gamma irradiation.
  • Certified nonpyrogenic.
  • Plug seal caps for use in closed systems, providing a liquid- and gas-tight seal.
  • Phenolic style caps for use in open systems requiring gas exchange.
  • Vent caps with a 0.2 µm nonwettable membrane, providing consistent, sterile gas exchange while minimising the risk of contamination.
Corning® and Costar® Cell Culture Flasks
Culture surface cm2ShapeNeck / descriptionClosurePUOrder No.CDC Price/Unit/EUR 
25rectangularinclinedplug seal cap500CORN4301681 575.05Order
25rectangularinclinedphenolic style cap500CORN4303721 575.05Order
25rectangularinclinedvent cap200CORN4306391 285.70Order
25triangularangledphenolic style cap500CORN30551 618.60Order
25triangularangledvent cap200CORN30561 323.60Order
75U-designinclinedplug seal cap100CORN430720U1 239.30Order
75U-designinclinedvent cap100CORN430641U1 276.20Order
150rectangularinclinedplug seal cap50CORN4308231 207.45Order
150rectangularinclinedphenolic style cap50CORN4308241 207.45Order
150rectangularinclinedvent cap50CORN4308251 231.00Order
175rectangularangledplug seal cap50CORN4310791 291.95Order
175rectangularangledphenolic style cap50CORN4310851 291.95Order
175rectangularangledvent cap50CORN4310801 327.05Order
225rectangularangledplug seal cap25CORN4310811 204.15Order
225rectangularangledvent cap25CORN4310821 230.25Order

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