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Vivaspin 2, Membrane Polyethersulfone (PES)

Vivaspin centrifugal units are ideal for rapid concentration of proteins, peptides and other biomolecules from samples up to 20 ml. The vertical membrane design stands for high speed and min. membrane fouling. A unique deadstop pocket prevents the units from running dry. Vivaspin centrifugal concentrators guarantee high recovery of target molecules by use of membranes with low adsorption. A wide range of MWCO is available.
Technical Data:
Volume:2 ml
Membrane surface:1.2 cm2
Max. RCF:12000 x g
Dead-stop volume:< 8 µl
Max. Volumen:2.00 ml
Membrane:no indication
Vivaspin 2, Membrane Polyethersulfone (PES)  Sartorius
TypeMax. MWCO [kD]PorengrößePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Vivaspin 23.00 2550498611169.00Order
Vivaspin 25.00 2550497601169.00Order
Vivaspin 210.00 2550497611169.00Order
Vivaspin 230.00 2550497621169.00Order
Vivaspin 250.00 2550497631169.00Order
Vivaspin 2100.00 2550497641169.00Order
Vivaspin 2300.00 2550498161169.00Order
Vivaspin 21000.00 2550498171169.00Order
Vivaspin 2 0.202550498181169.00Order
Vivaspin 23.00 10050498621570.00Order
Vivaspin 25.00 10050497771570.00Order
Vivaspin 210.00 10050497781570.00Order
Vivaspin 230.00 10050497791570.00Order
Vivaspin 250.00 10050497801570.00Order
Vivaspin 2100.00 10050497811570.00Order
Vivaspin 2300.00 10050498191570.00Order
Vivaspin 21000.00 10050498201570.00Order
Vivaspin 2 0.2010050498211571.00Order

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