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Blotting Papers

Extremely pure, very absorbent, smooth paper for use in all protein and nucleic acid blotting techniques.
Type:Areas of application::
BF 2Universal blotting paper of moderate absorbency and thickness. For Southern, Northern and Western blots. Wicks from electrophoresis controllers.
BF 3Thick, multi-purpose blotting paper with high level of absorbency. Applications similar to those of type BF 2 with increased buffer capacity.
BF 4Extra thick blotting paper with the greatest absorbency. Ideal for gel blotting and gel drying and whereever a high buffer capacity is required.
TypeSize mmWeight g / m2PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
BF 2200 x 2001951005057036177.00Order
BF 2460 x 57019510050570381238.00Order
BF 2580 x 60019510050570521271.00Order
BF 3580 x 6003305050570391255.00Order
BF 4580 x 6005502550570401161.00Order

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