Bench Protection Papers, LabSorb

LabSorb is two-sided:
  • The top side is a quality filter paper to enable rapid absorption of spilt liquids.
  • The reverse is polyethylene-coated and protects the surface underneath from contamination and damage.
Water absorption:150 %
Weight:140 g / m2
Sartorius  Bench Protection Papers, LabSorb
VersionSizePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Roll400 mm x 50 m150670181137.00Order
Roll400 mm x 100 m150670191243.00Order
Roll600 mm x 50 m150670201191.00Order
Roll600 mm x 100 m150670211342.00Order
Sheets460 x 570 mm5054241151104.00Order
Sheets480 x 600 mm5050670061109.00Order