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MBS I Filter System

The MBS I is a filtration system for high throughput laboratories working in the area of microbiological quality control. It is of particular benefit for serial samples and users who have more than 25 samples a day.
  • The system consists of an electrical membrane dispenser, a funnel dispenser and a vacuum manifold. The vacuum manifold is a modular system with 2-place modules which can be easily connected to 4- or 6-place manifolds. The system is applicable to individual working procedures and supports the ergonomic handling of the membrane filtration step.
  • The funnels of the MBS I are made from PP, which can be sterilised by autoclaving up to 50 times. The autoclaving process allows validation and provides bacteria-free filter funnels - ready-to-use for the next filtration.
Membrane:no indication
MBS I Filter System  Cytiva
TypeVolumenUsagePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
MBS I plastic funnel made of PP100.00reusable150499701on demand 
MBS I plastic funnel made of PP350.00reusable2050499721195.42Order
Autoclave bags no indication2050499731125.83Order
MBS I vacuum manifold AS 220, with two places no indication1504997512,572.78Order
Steel frit no indication154287401140.61Order

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