Platform Shakers Duomax 1030

Duomax is available in two different angle configurations which are recommended for culture plates / bottles, media bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks to help cultivate cells.
  • 2 models with different angles: tilt angle of 5° for soft and gentle movements and tilt angle of 10° for a much stronger motion.
  • Speed can be set and continuously adjusted from 2 to 50 min-1.
  • Analog process timer up to 120 min. When the set time has elapsed an acoustic alarm will sound and operation stops.
  • Medium sized model, load capacities of 5 kg.
  • Suitable for the modular incubator system, recommended for applications which require variable temperature settings.
Timer~min0 to 120
Size (W x D x H)~ mm320 x 375 x 185
Net width~mm290 x 258
 Video Schüttler
Heidolph  Platform Shakers Duomax 1030
TypeAngleMax. load capacity kgPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Duomax 10305158398551on demand 
Duomax 103010°5158398561on demand 
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