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solarus® Bottle Top Titrators

Integrated solar panels supply the energy for the electronic components and the display. That means no more charging or changing batteries.
  • Easily readable, large LC display.
  • Serial, bi-directional interface.
  • No loss of reagent due to the user-friendly reagent recirculation system.
  • Stable discharge tube, always correctly positioned.
  • All valves are easily exchangeable.
  • Closure cap in a safe storage position.
  • Hand wheels with a softtouch surface.
  • Luer-Lock connection for filter, dry tube etc.
  • Device rotates freely.
  • Quick-Cal individual calibration.
  • Permanent storage of default calibration.
  • Individual quality certificates, with declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600.
  • The serially reagent recirculation system makes priming the device simple, safes reagents and is environmentally friendly.
  • All liquid contacted parts are autoclavable at 121 °C.

Items supplied:
Digital burette solarus® with A 45 mm thread, 3 thread adapters (A 32, A 38 and S 40), discharge tube, 1 suction tube with retainer screw, light protection window for light sensitive media, individual serial number and single calibration report. With declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600. DAkkS-Certificate (former DKD Calibration Certificate) is available on request.
solarus® Bottle Top Titrators  HIRSCHMANN®
solarus® Bottle Top Titrators  HIRSCHMANN®
solarus® Bottle Top Titrators  HIRSCHMANN®
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Accessories for solarus bottle top titrators / Hirschmann

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