Blade Impeller / Half-Moon Impeller

Recommended for applications which require an average speed. For mixing tasks with little or average viscosity.
  • Models BR 12 / BR 14 / HR 18 come with collapsible blade for narrow neck vessels.
  • Shaft Ø: 8 mm.
Heidolph  Blade Impeller / Half-Moon Impeller
TypeQty. of bladesBlade size mmLength mmMaterialMax. speed min-1PUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
BR 10450 x 12400st. steel AISI 316Ti200015816540159.00Order
BR 11250 x 12400st. steel AISI 316Ti200015816541156.00Order
BR 12260 x 15400st. steel AISI 316Ti200015420415152.00Order
BR 13170 x 70450st. steel AISI 316Ti80015420416163.00Order
BR 14290 x 10400st. steel AISI 316Ti80015420417162.00Order
HR 18265 x 18 x 3350PTFE800154204181on demand