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Hose Clamps stop-it

The hose clip can be used wherever the flow in hoses with liquids or gases needs to be regulated or stopped.

Stepless flow regulation: with the hose clip stop-it's knurled screw, a stepless, delicate flow regulation or complete stop of the flow are possible, even for existing hose connections. The hose is compressed over a wide area against the sturdy steel hook in order to prevent it from being damaged.

stop-it with Easy-Click closure, PVDF:
Easy-Click closure can be opened and closed in any position, without tiresome screwing on and off. High quality material: made from the heat resistant and chemical resistant plastic PVDF. The clamp is galvanised steel.
  • PVDF, aluminium and steel, zinc coated.
  • Temperature resistant up to 140 °C.
  • For flexible hoses with outer Ø up to 10, 15 and 20 mm.

stop-it metal:
The materials steel and aluminium ensure that the stop-it metal is extremely heat resistant and sturdy.
  • Galvanised steel and aluminium.
  • For flexible hoses with outer Ø up to 10, 15, 20 and 30 mm.
Hose Clamps stop-it  Bürkle
Hose Clamps stop-it  Bürkle
Hose Clamps stop-it  Bürkle
TypeTubing Ø max.ColourPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
stop-it with Easy-Click closure10 mmred1520755112.19Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure10 mmyellow1520755212.19Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure10 mmblue1520755312.19Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure10 mmgreen1520755412.19Order
stop-it metal10 mmsilver1542951412.75Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure15 mmred1520755613.66Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure15 mmyellow1520755713.66Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure15 mmblue1520755813.66Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure15 mmgreen1520755913.66Order
stop-it metal15 mmsilver1542951514.40Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure20 mmred1520756114.61Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure20 mmyellow1520756214.61Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure20 mmblue1520756314.61Order
stop-it with Easy-Click closure20 mmgreen1520756414.61Order
stop-it metal20 mmsilver1542951614.79Order
stop-it metal30 mmsilver1542951717.30Order

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