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Barrel Pumps

For flammable liquids. St. steel barrel pumps are the ideal solution for transferring flammable and highly flammable liquids. The pump is electrically conductive and, when used in combination with the anti-statics set, meets all the requirements for handling with flammable liquids. Not suitable for acetone!
  • Medium-contacting parts made of st. steel (1.4301) and PTFE.
  • DEKRA tested: zone 0 and 1, explosion group II A and II B.
Pump type:barrel pump
Material:no indication
Thread of screw cap:no indication
EintauchtiefeDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
36.00with discharge pipe150013391251.75Order
57.00with discharge pipe150013401257.95Order
91.00with discharge pipe150013411269.25Order
36.00with discharge tube and stopcock150013591410.10Order
57.00with discharge tube and stopcock150013621420.00Order
91.00with discharge tube and stopcock150013631432.85Order
Barrel screw joints and thread adapters for commercially available containers are available as optional accessories.
Accessories for barrel pumps / Bürkle

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