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Made of transparent PP or ultra-pure and chemically inert PTFE / FEP for contamination-free sampling.
Specially developed for viscous substances, e. g. slurries, silt, wet clay and soil samples, soil sediments, oils, emulsions, creams etc.
  • All surfaces are poreless and without crevices to prevent dirt accumulation. Only those round threads tried and tested in food hygiene are employed. Dissembling and cleaning is very easy.
Immersion depth mmCapacity mlMaterialPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
600160PTFE / FEP153039591323.70Order
1000300PTFE / FEP153039601367.50Order
2000650PTFE / FEP153039611519.60Order
Remarks: cleaning brush - see No. 5303884.

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