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Multi sampler with several closed chambers, for multi point sampling from several predetermined sampling depths.
  • Version made of V4A / PTFE with low weight due to PTFE sample chambers.
  • With colour coding system.

Uno sampler with a closed sample chamber for point sampling from a predetermined sampling depth.
  • Outer tube st. steel V4A (1.4404), sample chamber made of PTFE.
  • With colour coding system.

All-layer sampler with open inner tube, no separate chambers and large sampling volume. For all-layer samples through all the layers of the sample.
  • Corresponds to ISTA standard for seed lengths of 10 mm (wheat, oats) and 5 mm (flax, vetches).

Jumbo sampler are ideal for coarse grains and larger quantities. With an open inner tube and large sampling volume, for all-layer samples through all layers of the sample or with sample chambers separated by PTFE separators for multi point sampling from several predetermined sampling depths.
Length [mm]MaterialVolumenEintauchtiefeHöheAnzahl KammernDescriptionPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
550.00st. steel 1.440414.0043.0025.003Multi-sampler153038451729.30Order
850.00st. steel 1.440417.0071.0025.003Multi-sampler153038461781.15Order
1500.00st. steel 1.440417.00135.0025.005Multi-sampler153038471988.50Order
550.00st. steel 1.440414.0043.0025.003Multi-sampler153038601486.45Order
850.00st. steel 1.440417.0071.0025.003Multi-sampler153038621545.80Order
1500.00st. steel 1.440417.00135.0025.005Multi-sampler153038641797.05Order
550.00st. steel 1.440417.0043.0025.001Uno-sampler153038651496.00Order
850.00st. steel 1.440417.0071.0025.001Uno-sampler153038661555.55Order
1500.00st. steel 1.440417.00135.0025.001Uno-sampler153038671813.10Order
550.00aluminium70.0043.0025.003All-layer sampler153038751225.30Order
850.00aluminium130.0071.0025.003All-layer sampler153038761250.70Order
1500.00aluminium260.00135.0025.005All-layer sampler153038771318.75Order
550.00st. steel 1.440470.0043.0025.003All-layer sampler154240201668.05Order
850.00st. steel 1.4404130.0071.0025.003All-layer sampler154240211770.30Order
1500.00st. steel 1.4404260.00135.0025.005All-layer sampler154240221927.35Order
850.00aluminium880.0085.0050.003Jumbo all layer sampler, open inner tube153038781498.15Order
1500.00aluminium1700.00150.0050.005Jumbo all layer sampler, open inner tube153038791705.45Order
2500.00aluminium2900.00250.0050.007Jumbo all layer sampler, open inner tube153038811902.05Order
850.00aluminium390.0085.0050.003Jumbo multi sampler, closed chambers154237901770.05Order
1500.00aluminium650.00150.0050.005Jumbo multi sampler, closed chambers154237911905.00Order
2500.00aluminium910.00250.0050.007Jumbo multi sampler, closed chambers1542379211,223.75Order
1000.00no indication  25.000Tube cleaning brush15303884148.50Order
1000.00no indication  50.000Tube cleaning brush15303885153.20Order
 st. steel 1.4301   0Emptying set, V2A, with 3 funnels154237931428.35Order
 st. steel 1.4301   0Emptying funnel separate, V2A15434404166.70Order
close-it / close-it food control seal / Bürkle

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