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close-it® / close-it® Food Control Seal

Taking samples from sacks, boxes, bags, etc. with sampling lances is a common and time-proven practice. This produces holes through which easily flowing bulk goods could escape from the container. With the close-it® seal, this can be prevented in an uncomplicated manner.

The label has a sandwich-type structure (aluminium / paper) and seals the container hermetically (vapour barrier). close-it® can be written on with ball-point pen, pencil or felt-tip marker. close-it® sticks firmly to most commercial containers, even to surfaces coated with fine powder, slightly moist or even frozen surfaces.
  • close-it® food & pharma: According to FDA Guidelines.
close-it® / close-it® Food Control Seal  Bürkle
close-it® / close-it® Food Control Seal  Bürkle
close-it® / close-it® Food Control Seal  Bürkle
DescriptionImprintColourSize mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedred95 x 955005423797157.05Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedyellow95 x 955005431931157.05Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedblue95 x 955005431932157.05Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedgreen95 x 955005431933157.05Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedblack95 x 955005431934157.05Order
Control seal, food & pharmaunprintedwhite95 x 955005423798157.05Order
Control sealprintedred95 x 955005303910157.05Order
Control sealprintedgreen95 x 955005303911157.05Order
Control sealprintedyellow95 x 955005303912157.05Order
Control sealprintedblue95 x 955005303913157.05Order
Control sealprintedblack95 x 955005303914157.05Order
Control sealunprintedwhite95 x 955005303915157.05Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedred150 x 1502505423799179.95Order
Control seal, food & pharmaunprintedwhite150 x 1502505423800179.95Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedyellow150 x 1502505431935179.95Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedblue150 x 1502505431936179.95Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedgreen150 x 1502505431937179.95Order
Control seal, food & pharmaprintedblack150 x 1502505431938179.95Order
Control sealprintedred150 x 1502505303980179.95Order
Control sealprintedgreen150 x 1502505303981179.95Order
Control sealprintedyellow150 x 1502505303982179.95Order
Control sealprintedblue150 x 1502505303983179.95Order
Control sealprintedblack150 x 1502505303984179.95Order
Control sealunprintedwhite150 x 1502505303985179.95Order
Label dispenser close-it / Bürkle

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