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Lab-Jacks, St. Steel

For those who wish to reach the top:
  • Improved scissor technology with reduced tolerances.
  • Ergonomic knob, rounded and user friendly.
  • Scissor-construction made of 18 / 10 st. steel.
  • All models are manufactured acc. to DIN 12897.
  • With the operating load we differ between the max. dynamic operating load (kg max. dyn.) and the max. static operating load (kg max. stat.) of the lab jack. These norms are also acc. to DIN 12897.
  • Smaller models up to 240 x 240 mm (type 1) have a simple adjusting wheel, which can be operated by hand.
  • With the bigger models from 300 x 300 mm on (type 2), the use of a ratchet is recommend, which connects with a special adjusting wheel.
  • Incl. ratchet.
Lab-Jacks, St. Steel  BOCHEM®
DescriptionSize (W x L) mmLifting height mmCapacity max. dynamic kgCapacity max. static kgPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
Lab-jack100 x 10055 to 120510151189231154.38Order
Lab-jack160 x 13060 to 275730151189241165.57Order
Lab-jack200 x 20060 to 275730151189251199.13Order
Lab-jack240 x 24060 to 275730151189261212.53Order
Lab-jack300 x 30090 to 47012601511892711,107.45Order
Lab-jack400 x 40090 to 47015601511892811,361.02Order
Ratchet190   15118929142.64Order

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