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Wide Mouth Bottles, Series 310, White

The Kautex wide mouth bottles have a UN-X Certification for solids and are suitable for the transport of dangerous powders / solids. The wide neck opening means that the bottles are easy to fill and clean.
  • Square cross-section with recessed field for individual marking and labeling.
  • 3 different types of closures are available
  • Use of tamper evident ring closures possible, increasing safety.
  • Ideal for pastes and granules, as well as for non-dangerous liquids.
  • The bottles are made of food-grade PEHD (Declaration of conformity available upon demand).
  • Square, without screw cap.

Field of application:
Packaging, sending samples, transport, storage.
Ausführung Hals:wide neck
Wide Mouth Bottles, Series 310, White  KAUTEX
VolumenThread of screw capLength [mm]BreiteHöheInnen-Ø mmPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
50.00GL 2836.0036.0088.5021.401507287911.33Order
250.00GL 4559.0059.00129.5035.001507288111.88Order
500.00GL 5475.0075.00162.0042.501507288212.75Order
750.00GL 5483.0083.00188.0042.501507288313.06Order
1000.00GL 5485.0085.00214.0042.501507288413.66Order
1500.00GL 80108.00108.00209.0068.501507288514.46Order
2500.00GL 80122.00122.00260.0068.501507288615.78Order
4000.00GL 80142.00142.00294.0068.5015072887110.37Order
For screw caps please see Order No. 5072891 to 5072903.
Screw caps / KAUTEX

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