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Gas Wash Bottles

PFA. Cap with S 40 buttress thread and screwable frit made of PTFE. A pore size of approx. 3 µm for optimal pearling of the gas into the liquid. A wide field of application is possible due to the use of high-quality fluoroplastic. Suitable only for non-pressurised operation.
Bottle thread:[_19/0_]
Thread of screw cap:[_19/0_]
Gas Wash Bottles  VITLAB®
VerschlussVolumenHöheDescriptionHöhePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
screw thread250.00160.004 / 6 mm tube connection61.00151103201378.88Order
screw thread500.00190.004 / 6 mm tube connection76.00151103221450.58Order
screw thread1000.00240.005 / 8 mm tube connection96.00151103241569.70Order

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