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Volumetric Flasks

PFA. Tolerances class A acc. to DIN EN ISO 1042. High transparency. Ring mark individually calibrated to 'In'. Supplied with screw caps, provide safety from outside contamination. Outstanding chemical resistance, can be used with strong oxidants, highly concentrated acids and bases, hydrocarbons and ketones. High thermal stability, from - 200 to + 260 °C. With laser-engraved lot number and batch certificate. Exposure to temperatures up to 121 °C (autoclaving) will not cause permanent exceeding to tolerance limits. To preserve the ring mark, do not clean at temperatures exceeding 60 °C. Also available with DAkkS calibration certificate or individual quality certificate.
Ausführung Hals:screw cap
NS:no indication
Lid material:PFA
Volumetric Flasks  VITLAB®
VolumenToleranzHöheGewindePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
10.000.0490.00GL 18152769191152.74Order
25.000.04115.00GL 18152769201157.27Order
50.000.06150.00GL 18152769211160.99Order
100.000.10180.00GL 18152769221199.81Order
250.000.15235.00GL 25152769231249.54Order
500.000.25270.00GL 25152769241286.95Order
Height without screw cap.

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