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Reaction Vessels with Temperature Stabilising Jacket

Made of borosilicate glass, DURAN®, cylindrical, flat bottom, interior bottom slightly curved, Schott flat flange with annular groove, without graduation, tangential temperature stabilising connections, with threat GL 18 (for attaching a PP-hose connector with union cap for temperatures of up to + 140 °C).
Reaction Vessels with Temperature Stabilising Jacket  Rettberg
Volume mlFlange DNOutside Ø mmInside Ø mmOverall height mmAnschlussPUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
100609060135thread GL 18151455301318.70Order
250609060185thread GL 18151455311339.30Order
500100130100200thread GL 18151455321477.90Order
1000100130100250thread GL 18151455331518.40Order
2000100130100380thread GL 18151455341541.40Order
2000120160120400thread GL 18151455351on demand 
2000150190150250thread GL 18151455361793.50Order
4000150190150360thread GL 18151455371895.20Order
6000150190150480thread GL 181514553811,134.00Order
10000200250215470thread GL 181514553912,459.00Order
20000200400300600thread GL 181514554012,842.00Order
100609060135Flange DN 15151455411on demand 
250609060185Flange DN 15151455421on demand 
500100130100200Flange DN 15151455431on demand 
2000100130100380Flange DN 15151455451on demand 
2000120160120400Flange DN 15151455461770.00Order
2000150190150250Flange DN 15151455471on demand 
4000150190150360Flange DN 15151455481on demand 
6000150190150480Flange DN 15151455491on demand 
10000200250215470Flange DN 15151455501on demand 
20000200400300600Flange DN 15151455511on demand 
Accessories: see 5145560 to 5145579 (caps, clamps, seals), 5145630 to 5145697 (flange lids with middle- and side necks), 5145701 and 5145702 (table constructions), 5145698 to 5145700 (flange closures).
Threads GL 14 and GL 32 are available on request.

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