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Volumetric Flasks

PMP. With PP screw cap. Highly transparent. Tolerances class B acc. to DIN EN ISO 1042. With ring mark individually calibrated to `In`. Exposure to temperatures up to 121 °C (autoclaving) will not cause permanent exceeding to tolerance limits. To preserve markings, cleaning at no higher than 60 °C is recommended.
Ausführung Hals:screw cap
NS:no indication
Lid material:PP
Volumetric Flasks  VITLAB®
VolumenToleranzHöheGewindePUOrder No.CDCPrice/Unit/EUR 
10.000.0890.00GL 1865276812156.70Order
25.000.08115.00GL 1865276806157.66Order
50.000.12150.00GL 1865276807172.90Order
100.000.20180.00GL 1815276808113.80Order
250.000.30235.00GL 2515276809115.49Order
500.000.50270.00GL 2515276810118.43Order

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